Will Pat McAfee Make a Sensational Return to WWE and Shake Up the Wrestling World?

Pat McAfee, the former NFL punter turned professional wrestler, has built a reputation as one of the most entertaining characters in the world of sports entertainment. After a successful run in WWE, fans are eagerly anticipating his return to the ring. Will McAfee make a comeback to WWE?

McAfee’s journey to WWE began in 2018 when he made his debut as a commentator. His natural charisma and quick wit quickly caught the attention of the WWE Universe, and it wasn’t long before he found himself in the middle of the action. McAfee traded in his microphone for a pair of wrestling boots and has since cemented his status as a fan favorite.

However, McAfee’s career in WWE was put on hold when he announced his retirement from professional wrestling in 2021. The news shocked many, as McAfee was at the top of his game and seemed destined for even greater success. But now, rumors are swirling that he may be considering a return to the squared circle.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, fans can’t help but speculate about McAfee’s future in WWE. Will he step back into the ring and once again thrill the audience with his high-flying moves and razor-sharp promos? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain – if McAfee does decide to return, it will be a moment that fans won’t want to miss!

Pat McAfee’s Potential Return to WWE: What You Should Know

As rumors continue to swirl in the wrestling world, the question on everyone’s mind is whether Pat McAfee will make a triumphant return to WWE. McAfee, known for his charismatic personality and impressive in-ring skills, left WWE in 2020 after a successful stint as a commentator and occasional wrestler. However, fans have been buzzing with excitement at the prospect of McAfee making a comeback to the squared circle.

The speculation regarding McAfee’s potential return intensified when he recently expressed his love for professional wrestling in several interviews. He spoke fondly of his time in WWE and expressed a desire to step back into the ring to entertain the fans once again. This has led many to believe that a return to WWE is not only possible but also highly likely.

McAfee’s previous run in WWE showcased his natural talent and ability to captivate audiences with his unique mix of athleticism and showmanship. Whether he was commentating on matches or competing in the ring himself, McAfee always delivered a memorable performance. His quick wit and ability to connect with the crowd made him a fan favorite, and his absence has been felt by many since his departure.

If McAfee does indeed make a comeback to WWE, it would undoubtedly enhance the already exciting landscape of the company’s roster. His presence would inject a fresh energy into the product and provide fans with a new character to rally behind. McAfee’s potential feuds and matches would undoubtedly be must-see events, and his natural charisma would further elevate the storytelling aspect of WWE programming.

However, it’s important to note that while McAfee’s return to WWE seems plausible, nothing has been confirmed as of now. The wrestling world is full of surprises, and plans can change at a moment’s notice. Until an official announcement is made, fans will have to wait and see if Pat McAfee will indeed return to the WWE, eagerly anticipating the potential magic he could bring back to the ring.

The Rumors Surrounding Pat McAfee’s WWE Comeback

Since his departure from WWE in 2021, there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Pat McAfee will return to the ring. The former NFL punter turned professional wrestler had a short but memorable stint in WWE, which left fans eager to see more of him in the squared circle.

While McAfee has not made any official statements regarding his future in wrestling, there have been several rumors circulating in the industry. Some sources claim that he is in talks with WWE for a potential comeback, while others suggest that he may be exploring other options in the world of sports entertainment.

Potential Reasons for McAfee’s Return

There are several factors that could play a role in McAfee’s decision to return to WWE. One reason could be his passion for the sport. Despite his relatively short career in professional wrestling, McAfee has proven to be a natural in the ring and has garnered a strong fan following.

Another possible reason for McAfee’s return could be the business aspect. WWE is known for its lucrative contracts and opportunities for exposure. A second run with the company could provide McAfee with financial stability and a platform to further promote his brand.

The Ball is in McAfee’s Court

Ultimately, whether or not McAfee will return to WWE is up to him. The rumors and speculation can only go so far. As a highly talented and charismatic performer, McAfee has the ability to succeed in any venture he pursues.

Whether he chooses to make a comeback in WWE or ventures into other areas of entertainment, fans will continue to support and cheer for Pat McAfee. Only time will tell what the future holds for this multi-talented star.

McAfee’s Previous Stint in WWE: A Brief Recap

Pat McAfee, a former NFL player turned sports commentator, had a short but memorable stint in WWE. In 2018, McAfee made his debut on WWE’s NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, where he served as a guest commentator.

McAfee’s charisma and quick wit quickly caught the attention of WWE fans and officials. His impressive performance as a commentator led to more opportunities within the company.

Later that year, McAfee had his first taste of in-ring action when he competed in a tag team match at NXT TakeOver: WarGames. Paired with fellow NFL player and NXT Superstar Adam Cole, the duo faced off against The Undisputed Era.

The match showcased McAfee’s athleticism and natural ability inside the ring. Despite being a rookie in the world of professional wrestling, McAfee held his own and left a lasting impression on both fans and WWE Superstars.

Following his successful in-ring debut, McAfee continued to make sporadic appearances on WWE programming. He remained involved in storylines, often engaging in verbal battles with top WWE talent.

Ultimately, McAfee decided to step away from his role in WWE to pursue other endeavors. While fans continue to speculate if he will return to the squared circle, McAfee’s previous stint in WWE showed that he has the potential to make a lasting impact in the industry.

McAfee’s Wrestling Training and Athletic Background

As fans eagerly anticipate Pat McAfee’s possible return to WWE, it’s worth examining his wrestling training and athletic background. While McAfee is best known as a professional football punter and media personality, he has also ventured into the world of professional wrestling.

Much like his charismatic persona in the NFL and on his widely popular podcast, McAfee’s wrestling style is full of energy and entertainment. He has shown a natural aptitude for engaging the crowd and telling a captivating story in the ring.

McAfee’s training in wrestling began in 2018 when he participated in a crash course at the WWE Performance Center. This rigorous training program exposed him to the physical and technical aspects of professional wrestling. McAfee showed tremendous dedication and a willingness to learn, absorbing the fundamentals of wrestling from experienced coaches in the industry.

In addition to his training at the Performance Center, McAfee also sought advice and guidance from established wrestlers. He has collaborated with well-known wrestlers such as Adam Cole, who has praised McAfee’s commitment and enthusiasm for the sport.

McAfee’s athletic background undoubtedly played a significant role in his transition to professional wrestling. As a former football player, he possesses the physicality, agility, and coordination required to perform high-impact moves and execute intricate sequences in the ring.

Moreover, McAfee’s background in football has helped him develop a competitive mindset and a drive to succeed. This determination has translated seamlessly into his wrestling career, fueling his pursuit of excellence and his ambition to entertain audiences around the world.

While it remains uncertain whether McAfee will return to WWE in the future, his wrestling training and athletic background make him a compelling figure in the world of professional wrestling. Whether he chooses to continue his wrestling career or focus on his other endeavors, McAfee’s impact on the industry is undeniable, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next move.

The Possibility of McAfee Joining a Major WWE Promotion

Pat McAfee’s return to WWE has been a topic of discussion among wrestling fans. With his athletic background and charismatic personality, many believe that he would be a valuable addition to a major WWE promotion.

Mcafee is no stranger to the wrestling world, as he has previously worked with WWE as a commentator and wrestler. His time in the company showcased his ability to entertain and connect with the audience, making him a fan-favorite.

Considering his popularity and the positive reception he has received in the past, it is not surprising that there is speculation about his potential return to WWE. Fans are eager to see McAfee back in the ring, utilizing his skills and bringing excitement to the WWE Universe.

While there are no official announcements regarding McAfee’s return, the possibility of him joining a major WWE promotion is certainly intriguing. The potential matchup possibilities are endless, with McAfee bringing a new dynamic to the storytelling and overall product.

Whether it’s his high-flying moves, witty promos, or natural charisma, Mcafee has proven himself capable of capturing the attention of the audience and creating memorable moments. His presence in a major WWE promotion would undoubtedly shake things up and provide a fresh perspective for fans.

Only time will tell if Pat McAfee will return to WWE, but the excitement and anticipation among fans continues to grow. A possible reunion between McAfee and WWE would be a win-win situation, as both parties would benefit from the partnership.

For now, wrestling fans will have to stay tuned and keep an eye out for any updates on McAfee’s potential return. Until then, the speculation and discussions will continue, as fans eagerly await the possibility of McAfee joining a major WWE promotion.

McAfee’s Potential Role if He Returns to WWE

If Pat McAfee decides to make a return to WWE, there are several potential roles he could take on within the organization. Given his charisma, athleticism, and passion for professional wrestling, McAfee could excel in various capacities.

One possibility is that McAfee could join the roster as an active in-ring performer. With his background as a former NFL punter, McAfee has already shown his ability to entertain a crowd and perform under pressure. He could bring a unique combination of athleticism and showmanship to the WWE ring, creating memorable moments and engaging storylines.

Another potential role for McAfee could be that of a manager or valet. Known for his quick wit and ability to captivate an audience, McAfee could use his mic skills to enhance the characters of other WWE superstars. Whether it’s as a heel or a face, McAfee’s presence at ringside could add an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to matches.

Additionally, McAfee could also thrive as a commentator or analyst for WWE programming. His charismatic personality and natural ability to analyze and break down matches would make him a valuable asset on commentary teams. McAfee’s energy and enthusiasm would undoubtedly enhance the viewing experience for fans.

Regardless of the role McAfee chooses, one thing is certain: his return to WWE would undoubtedly be met with excitement and anticipation. With his natural charisma and passion for professional wrestling, McAfee has the potential to make a significant impact on the WWE landscape once again.

McAfee’s Public Statements About a WWE Return

As the speculation continues about whether Pat McAfee will return to WWE, the former NFL punter has made several public statements regarding his potential comeback.

In interviews and on social media, McAfee has expressed his willingness to return to the world of professional wrestling. He has indicated that he misses the excitement and energy that comes with performing in front of a live audience.

McAfee has also mentioned his admiration for WWE and its talented roster of wrestlers. He has praised the company’s commitment to storytelling and creating larger-than-life characters. McAfee has stated that he would love the opportunity to work with and learn from the experienced wrestlers in WWE.

When asked about his previous stint with WWE, McAfee has spoken fondly of his time with the company. He has described it as a great learning experience and has expressed gratitude for the opportunity to showcase his athleticism and entertain the fans.

While McAfee’s public statements indicate his desire to return to WWE, it remains uncertain if and when a comeback will happen. Fans eagerly await any announcements or updates from McAfee or WWE regarding his potential return to the squared circle.

How WWE Fans Are Reacting to the McAfee Rumors

With the recent speculations about Pat McAfee possibly returning to WWE, fans of the wrestling world are buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

Many WWE enthusiasts have expressed their enthusiasm for McAfee’s potential comeback, eagerly discussing the rumors on various social media platforms. The prospect of McAfee stepping back into the ring has ignited a spark of hope among fans who enjoyed his previous appearances in WWE.

Twitter has become a hub for WWE fans to voice their opinions and share their thoughts on the McAfee rumors. Hashtags such as #McAfeeToWWE and #PatIsBack have started to trend, showcasing the immense excitement circulating within the wrestling community.

One user tweeted, “I can’t contain my excitement if Pat McAfee is truly coming back to WWE! His charisma and energy are unmatched, and he always brings a different dynamic to the shows. I hope this rumor turns out to be true!

Another fan wrote, “It’s about time we see Pat McAfee back in the WWE ring. His athleticism and ability to captivate the audience are unmatched. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this day, and I really hope it happens!

Outside of the digital realm, forums dedicated to WWE have seen an influx of discussions regarding McAfee’s potential return. Fans are analyzing past events and storylines to speculate how the wrestling superstar’s comeback could play out.

Some fans are even expressing their desire to see McAfee in a high-profile feud against another prominent WWE star. They believe McAfee’s natural charisma and remarkable mic skills could make for compelling promos and gripping matches.

While fans are eagerly awaiting an official announcement from WWE confirming McAfee’s return, the collective excitement and positive reactions are a clear indication of the impact he has had on the wrestling community.

As the rumors continue to circulate, fans are eagerly anticipating McAfee’s potential return to the WWE and are hopeful for the unique energy and entertainment he promises to bring back to the wrestling world.

McAfee’s Impact on the Crossover between NFL and WWE

Pat McAfee’s involvement in both the NFL and WWE has had a significant impact on the crossover between the two worlds. McAfee, a former NFL punter turned sports commentator, has not only showcased his athletic skills and charisma in the wrestling ring, but has also brought a new level of excitement and entertainment to the WWE.

As a former NFL player, McAfee’s transition into the WWE has been seamless. His athleticism and physicality have been on full display, as he has performed high-flying moves and taken impressive bumps in his matches. McAfee’s background in football has lent itself well to the physical demands of wrestling, and he has quickly become a fan favorite with his impressive in-ring performances.

In addition to McAfee’s physical abilities, his larger-than-life personality has made him a standout in the WWE. Known for his quick wit and comedic timing, McAfee has brought a new level of entertainment to the wrestling world. Whether he is cutting a promo or engaging in a backstage segment, McAfee’s charisma shines through, capturing the attention of both NFL and WWE fans alike.

Furthermore, McAfee’s involvement in the WWE has helped to bridge the gap between the two sports. His crossover appeal has brought new viewers to both the NFL and WWE, as fans of one sport become interested in seeing McAfee in the other. This has created a unique opportunity for cross-promotion between the two worlds, allowing for a wider audience and increased exposure for both the NFL and WWE.

Impact Points Description
Athleticism McAfee’s athletic skills have impressed fans and showcased his versatility.
Entertainment Value McAfee’s charisma and comedic talent have brought a new level of entertainment to the WWE.
Crossover Appeal McAfee’s involvement in both the NFL and WWE has attracted fans from both sports, increasing exposure and creating cross-promotional opportunities.

McAfee’s Current Ventures Outside of WWE

While it’s uncertain whether Pat McAfee will return to WWE, he has been keeping himself busy with various ventures outside of the wrestling world. McAfee, known for his skills as a former NFL punter, has found success in multiple fields.

One of McAfee’s main ventures is his podcast, aptly titled “The Pat McAfee Show.” On this podcast, McAfee discusses a wide range of topics, including sports, entertainment, and current events. His engaging personality and unique perspective have helped him amass a large following.

In addition to his podcast, McAfee has also made a name for himself as a commentator and analyst. He has provided commentary for various sports events, including college football games and WWE matches. McAfee’s witty and insightful commentary has made him a fan favorite.

Outside of the media world, McAfee has also pursued business opportunities. He has launched his own line of merchandise, featuring clothing, accessories, and more. McAfee’s brand has become popular among fans who want to show their support for him and his various endeavors.

Furthermore, McAfee has dabbled in the world of stand-up comedy. He has performed at numerous comedy clubs and events, showcasing his comedic talent and entertaining audiences with his hilarious stories and observations.

Overall, while it remains uncertain whether Pat McAfee will return to WWE, he has undoubtedly been busy with various ventures outside of the wrestling industry. Whether it’s through his podcast, commentary work, business ventures, or stand-up comedy, McAfee continues to captivate audiences and showcase his diverse talents.

McAfee’s Relationship with Key WWE Figures

Since his departure from WWE in 2021, there has been much speculation about whether Pat McAfee will return to the company. While nothing has been confirmed, it’s worth examining McAfee’s relationship with key WWE figures to get a better idea of the possibilities.

Triple H: A Strong Mentorship

One of the key figures in McAfee’s WWE journey is Triple H, Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development for WWE. Triple H took McAfee under his wing and provided guidance throughout his time with the company. McAfee has spoken highly of Triple H’s mentorship and has expressed his gratitude for the opportunities he was given.

Vince McMahon: A Respectful Relationship

Another important figure in the WWE is Vince McMahon, Chairman, and CEO of the company. McAfee has shown great respect for McMahon and has spoken about their positive interactions. While their relationship is not as extensively documented as McAfee’s connection with Triple H, it’s clear that McAfee holds McMahon in high regard.

While the specifics of McAfee’s relationship with other key WWE figures such as Stephanie McMahon, Paul Heyman, and others are not as widely known, it’s safe to assume that McAfee’s positive reputation and his experience with top-tier WWE personnel could potentially play a role in any future discussions about his return to the company. Only time will tell if McAfee will return to the WWE or pursue other ventures.

Comparing McAfee’s Potential Return to Other Celebrity Wrestlers

As rumors circulate about Pat McAfee potentially returning to the WWE, it’s interesting to compare his potential comeback to those of other celebrity wrestlers in the past. While McAfee may be best known for his career as a professional football player and sports commentator, he certainly made a splash in the wrestling world during his short stint with WWE.

One notable example of a celebrity wrestler is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who transitioned from a successful career in professional football to becoming one of the most iconic figures in wrestling history. The Rock’s charisma and natural athleticism made him a fan favorite, and he quickly became one of WWE’s biggest draws.

Another celebrity wrestler worth mentioning is John Cena. Cena rose to fame as a professional wrestler and has since become a Hollywood superstar, appearing in blockbuster films such as “Trainwreck” and “Bumblebee.” Like McAfee, Cena’s crossover appeal helped him gain popularity both inside and outside of the wrestling ring.

While McAfee may not have the same level of fame as The Rock or John Cena, his natural charisma and quick wit have endeared him to fans across various platforms. His ability to entertain and engage with audiences could make him a valuable asset if he were to return to the WWE.

However, it’s important to note that not all celebrity wrestlers have found the same level of success. Some have struggled to make a seamless transition into the world of professional wrestling, while others have faced criticism from fans and peers. McAfee’s potential return to the WWE would undoubtedly generate a lot of buzz, but it remains to be seen if he can achieve the same level of success as other celebrity wrestlers.

Ultimately, whether or not McAfee will return to the WWE is still uncertain. But if he does, he would certainly be an interesting addition to the world of professional wrestling, and fans will be eager to see how his potential comeback compares to that of other celebrity wrestlers.

McAfee’s Possible Feuds and Storylines if He Comes Back

If Pat McAfee decides to make a return to WWE, there are several potential feuds and storylines that he could become involved in. McAfee is known for his charismatic personality and his ability to captivate an audience, so it’s likely that WWE would capitalize on these strengths in his storylines.

One possible feud for McAfee could be with a current WWE superstar who feels threatened by his return. This could lead to a series of intense matches and promos, with McAfee proving that he still has what it takes to compete in the ring. The build-up to this feud could involve McAfee calling out this superstar on his podcast or social media, leading to a highly anticipated showdown.

Another potential storyline for McAfee could involve him aligning himself with a faction or stable. This could provide him with a support system and allies in his battles against other wrestlers. McAfee’s natural charisma and ability to work a microphone could make him an excellent mouthpiece for a group of wrestlers, adding another layer to his character.

Additionally, McAfee’s return could also lead to a crossover storyline with NXT, WWE’s developmental brand. McAfee has a history with NXT, having competed in a match at TakeOver: XXX in 2020. This could be built upon to create a storyline where McAfee challenges for the NXT Championship, or he could form a tag team with a rising star from NXT, creating a mentor-mentee dynamic.

Overall, the possibilities for McAfee’s feuds and storylines if he returns to WWE are endless. His unique blend of athleticism, charisma, and natural storytelling ability make him a valuable asset to the company. Whether he ends up in a high-profile feud or aligns himself with a faction, there’s no doubt that McAfee’s return would bring excitement and entertainment to WWE.

Feud/Storyline Description
Feud with a current WWE superstar McAfee calls out this superstar, leading to intense matches and promos
Alignment with a faction or stable McAfee becomes a mouthpiece and ally for a group of wrestlers
Crossover storyline with NXT McAfee challenges for the NXT Championship or teams up with an NXT rising star

The Future of McAfee’s WWE Career: Predictions and Speculation

As fans eagerly await the return of Pat McAfee to the WWE, speculation and predictions about his future in the company run rampant. While no official announcement has been made, there are several factors that suggest McAfee will indeed make a comeback.

1. Popularity: Pat McAfee’s stint in the WWE was met with overwhelming fan approval. His charisma, athleticism, and natural talent on the mic made him an instant favorite among wrestling enthusiasts. WWE management surely recognizes this and will likely want to capitalize on his popularity.

2. Previous Success: McAfee’s past performances in the WWE have proven that he has what it takes to succeed in the industry. His matches with Adam Cole and other notable superstars showcased his ability to entertain and engage the audience. It would be a wasted opportunity not to bring him back.

3. Potential Storylines: McAfee’s exit from the WWE left many loose ends and unanswered questions. His rivalry with Adam Cole, in particular, remains unresolved. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how this storyline unfolds, and the WWE would be wise to capitalize on this built-in feud.

4. McAfee’s Love for Wrestling: It is no secret that Pat McAfee is a lifelong fan of professional wrestling. His passion for the industry is evident in his commentary and his willingness to step inside the squared circle. It is unlikely that McAfee would want to abandon the WWE altogether, and the company will likely want to keep someone with his passion and dedication on their roster.

5. Cross-Promotion Opportunities: Pat McAfee is a multi-talented individual who has made a name for himself in various fields, including sports, comedy, and podcasting. His presence in the WWE can help create cross-promotional opportunities and attract a wider audience to the company. WWE recognizes the value of such collaborations and is likely to use McAfee’s star power to their advantage.

In conclusion, while no official announcement has been made, all signs point to Pat McAfee making a return to the WWE. His popularity, previous success, potential storylines, love for wrestling, and cross-promotional opportunities all suggest that the company would be wise to bring him back. Fans can only hope that the speculation becomes reality and that McAfee once again graces the WWE stage.

How McAfee’s Return Could Affect WWE’s Ratings and Business

With Pat McAfee’s potential return to WWE, there are several ways his presence could impact the company’s ratings and overall business.

Increased Media Attention Expanded Fanbase Improved Television Ratings
If Pat McAfee returns to WWE, it could generate increased media attention for the company. McAfee has a strong following from his time as a professional football player and his successful career as a sports commentator. This increased media attention would likely result in more coverage of WWE events and storylines, which could attract new viewers and fans to the product. McAfee’s return could also help expand WWE’s fanbase. His charisma, wit, and unique personality have resonated with fans in the past, and his presence could attract new viewers who may not have been interested in WWE previously. This expansion of the fanbase would not only increase viewership but also potentially lead to higher merchandise sales and ticket revenue. One of the most significant impacts of McAfee’s return would be on WWE’s television ratings. McAfee’s previous appearances on WWE programming have been well-received by fans and critics alike, and his return could provide a boost to the company’s ratings. This increased viewership would be beneficial for WWE’s network partners and advertisers, as higher ratings typically mean increased revenue.

In conclusion, if Pat McAfee returns to WWE, it has the potential to positively impact the company’s ratings and overall business. McAfee’s increased media attention, expanding fanbase, and potential for improved television ratings could result in increased revenue and continued success for WWE.


Will Pat McAfee return to WWE?

As of now, there is no official confirmation if Pat McAfee will return to WWE. However, he has expressed his love for the wrestling industry and has not ruled out a return in the future.

Why did Pat McAfee leave WWE?

Pat McAfee left WWE to focus on his career as a podcaster and commentator for NFL games. He wanted to explore other opportunities and take a break from the rigorous schedule of professional wrestling.

Has Pat McAfee been approached by WWE for a return?

There have been rumors of WWE approaching Pat McAfee for a return, but no official confirmation has been made. McAfee has stated that he would be open to the idea if the timing and circumstances are right.

What are Pat McAfee’s thoughts on returning to WWE?

Pat McAfee has expressed his love for the wrestling industry and has mentioned that he would consider a return to WWE if the opportunity aligns with his other commitments. He enjoys the physicality and entertainment aspect of wrestling and has fond memories of his time in WWE.

What are Pat McAfee’s current projects outside of WWE?

Pat McAfee is currently focused on his podcast, “The Pat McAfee Show,” where he covers a variety of topics, including sports, pop culture, and comedy. He also works as a commentator for NFL games and has been well received in that role.

Will Pat McAfee return to WWE?

As of now, it is uncertain whether Pat McAfee will return to WWE. He had a successful run with the company in 2020, but since then, he has been focusing on his broadcasting career and other ventures. Only time will tell if he decides to make a comeback.

Has Pat McAfee talked about returning to WWE?

Pat McAfee has mentioned his love for professional wrestling and his positive experience working with WWE. However, he has not explicitly stated whether he plans to return to the company in the future. Fans can only hope that he will make a comeback at some point.

What has Pat McAfee been doing since leaving WWE?

Since leaving WWE, Pat McAfee has been focusing on his career as a broadcaster and media personality. He has his own podcast, “The Pat McAfee Show,” where he discusses various topics, including professional wrestling. He has also been involved in other ventures, such as stand-up comedy and football commentary.

Did Pat McAfee enjoy his time in WWE?

Yes, Pat McAfee had a great time during his stint in WWE. He has spoken highly of the company and has expressed his gratitude for the opportunities he had. McAfee had a successful run and received positive reviews for his performances. It is clear that he enjoyed his time with WWE.

Would fans like to see Pat McAfee return to WWE?

Yes, many fans would love to see Pat McAfee return to WWE. He was a breath of fresh air during his time with the company and brought a unique energy and charisma to his performances. McAfee’s athleticism and passion for professional wrestling resonated with fans, and they would be thrilled to see him back in the ring.