Ownership of McAfee Antivirus – The Unveiling of the Mysterious Ownership

McAfee antivirus is one of the most well-known names in the world of computer security. It was founded by John McAfee, a pioneer in the field of antivirus software. With its robust protection and innovative features, McAfee has become a trusted choice for millions of users worldwide.

John McAfee, the founder of McAfee antivirus, started the company in 1987 with the goal of providing effective and reliable security solutions for computer users. He understood the growing need for protection against malware and other cyber threats, and his company quickly gained recognition for its advanced software.

Today, McAfee is no longer owned by its founder. Over the years, the company has changed hands multiple times. Currently, McAfee is owned by Intel Corporation, a multinational technology company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of computer processors and related technologies.

Even though John McAfee is no longer associated with the company that bears his name, his contribution to the field of computer security cannot be overstated. His pioneering work laid the foundation for the antivirus industry and has significantly contributed to keeping computer systems safe from malicious attacks.

McAfee Antivirus Ownership History

McAfee antivirus is a popular security software company that is widely known for its antivirus products. The company was founded by John McAfee, who was a computer programmer and entrepreneur, in 1987.

During its early years, McAfee antivirus rapidly grew in popularity and became one of the leading antivirus software companies in the world. However, in 1994, John McAfee decided to sell his ownership in the company to Network Associates, Inc. (NAI), a cybersecurity firm.

Under the ownership of NAI, McAfee antivirus continued to thrive and expand its product offerings. In 2004, NAI changed its name to McAfee, Inc., to reflect the dominance of the McAfee brand in the cybersecurity industry.

In 2011, Intel Corporation acquired McAfee, Inc., making it a subsidiary of the technology giant. The acquisition was a strategic move by Intel to enhance its security offerings and integrate antivirus protection into its hardware products.

After the acquisition, McAfee antivirus continued to operate as a standalone business unit within Intel. However, in 2014, Intel announced its plans to rebrand McAfee as Intel Security. The rebranding aimed to strengthen the integration of security technologies across Intel’s product portfolio.

Then, in 2016, Intel sold a majority stake in its security business to TPG Capital, a private equity firm. As a result, the security business was spun off into a new independent company named McAfee, LLC. TPG Capital became the majority owner of the newly formed company, with Intel retaining a minority stake.

Today, McAfee, LLC continues to develop and offer antivirus and other cybersecurity solutions to businesses and consumers worldwide. The company remains a prominent player in the industry, leveraging its extensive experience and expertise in security software.

Year Owner
1987 John McAfee
1994 Network Associates, Inc.
2011 Intel Corporation
2016 McAfee, LLC (owned by TPG Capital)

Current owner of McAfee antivirus

McAfee antivirus is currently owned by a company called McAfee LLC. It was originally founded by John McAfee in 1987. McAfee is a well-known name in the world of computer security and software, particularly antivirus software.

John McAfee, an American businessman and computer programmer, co-founded the company and played a crucial role in developing the initial McAfee antivirus software. Over the years, McAfee antivirus has become one of the most widely used and recognized antivirus programs in the world, protecting millions of computers from malware and other security threats.

While John McAfee is no longer directly involved with the company, his name and legacy live on through the McAfee brand. Today, McAfee LLC continues to innovate and develop new security solutions to keep up with the ever-evolving threats in the digital world.

Impact of McAfee Antivirus

The impact of McAfee antivirus on the computer industry cannot be overstated. The software has helped millions of users protect their computers from viruses, malware, and other security threats. McAfee’s early work in developing antivirus technology paved the way for the industry as a whole, and the company’s success has inspired many other security companies to follow suit.

Continued innovation and success

Under its current ownership, McAfee LLC has continued to innovate and adapt to the changing landscape of cybersecurity. They offer a wide range of security products and services to both individuals and businesses, including antivirus software, firewall protection, and data encryption.

With the increase in cyber threats in recent years, McAfee has remained at the forefront of the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions to protect against emerging threats. The company’s commitment to cybersecurity and its dedication to ensuring the safety of its customers’ digital lives have helped it maintain its position as one of the leading providers of antivirus software in the world.

Acquisition of McAfee by Intel

In 2010, Intel, a leading computer technology company, acquired McAfee, a popular security software company. John McAfee, the founder of McAfee antivirus software, no longer owns the company.

The acquisition of McAfee was a strategic move by Intel to expand its presence in the security industry and enhance its offerings for computer users. By acquiring McAfee, Intel gained access to advanced security technologies and a strong customer base.

McAfee antivirus software is known for its robust security features and ability to protect against various cyber threats. It has been widely used by individuals and businesses around the world to safeguard their computer systems.

The acquisition of McAfee by Intel has allowed both companies to collaborate and integrate their technologies, resulting in improved security solutions for customers. The combination of Intel’s hardware expertise and McAfee’s software capabilities has led to the development of innovative security products.

Today, McAfee continues to operate under Intel’s ownership as a separate entity focused on providing cutting-edge security solutions. The company remains dedicated to protecting individuals and organizations from the ever-evolving threats in the digital landscape.

McAfee’s founders and early ownership

McAfee is a well-known computer security company that specializes in antivirus software. The company was founded in 1987 by John McAfee, who developed the first commercial antivirus software. At the time, McAfee Associates, as it was called, focused on providing computer security solutions to businesses and government agencies.

John McAfee’s vision for the company was to create software that could protect computer systems from viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. His antivirus software quickly gained popularity, making McAfee a prominent name in the industry.

In 1994, McAfee Associates went public, and the company’s ownership started to change. John McAfee left the company in 1994 but remained involved in the technology industry through various ventures. McAfee Associates continued to evolve, expanding its product offerings and becoming a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions.

In 2011, Intel Corporation acquired McAfee Associates and renamed it as Intel Security. The acquisition was part of Intel’s strategy to enhance its own security offerings and establish a stronger presence in the cybersecurity market.

However, in 2016, Intel spun off its security division and sold a majority stake to investment firm TPG Capital. As a result, McAfee regained its independence and reverted to its original name. Today, McAfee is a standalone company that offers a wide range of cybersecurity products and services to individuals and organizations worldwide.

McAfee’s growth under different owners

McAfee is a well-known antivirus software company that specializes in computer security. The company was founded in 1987 by John McAfee, who originally named it McAfee Associates.

Since its inception, McAfee has changed ownership several times, each transition contributing to the company’s growth and success in the antivirus industry. In 1991, McAfee Associates went public, making John McAfee a millionaire.

Network Associates Inc. era (1997-2004)

In 1997, McAfee Associates merged with Network General, forming Network Associates Inc. The merger allowed McAfee to expand its product offerings beyond antivirus software and further establish itself as a leading computer security company. During this time, McAfee’s market share grew significantly, and it became a household name in computer security.

Intel Corporation era (2011-2016)

In 2011, Intel Corporation acquired McAfee for $7.68 billion. This marked a turning point for the company as it became a subsidiary of Intel. The acquisition aligned McAfee’s antivirus technology with Intel’s hardware capabilities, enabling the development of innovative security solutions tailored to Intel’s processors.

Under Intel’s ownership, McAfee continued to innovate and expand its product portfolio. The company introduced new technologies such as McAfee DeepSAFE, which provided hardware-assisted security features, and McAfee Endpoint Security, a comprehensive endpoint protection solution.

However, in 2016, Intel announced that it would spin off McAfee into a new standalone cybersecurity company, positioning McAfee as an independent entity once again.

McAfee LLC era (2017-present)

Since 2017, McAfee operates as a standalone cybersecurity company, with its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. McAfee LLC focuses on providing a wide range of security solutions for individuals, businesses, and enterprises, including antivirus software, firewall protection, and cloud security.

While the ownership of McAfee has changed over the years, the company’s commitment to computer security and its dedication to protecting users from cyber threats have remained constant. McAfee continues to be a leading player in the antivirus industry, adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

McAfee’s role in the cybersecurity industry

McAfee, which is owned by John McAfee, is a well-known company in the computer security industry. They specialize in developing software to protect computers and networks from various cyber threats.

With the increasing reliance on technology and the internet, the need for effective cybersecurity measures has become paramount. McAfee plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of computer systems worldwide.

One of the key products offered by McAfee is their antivirus software. This software is designed to detect and remove viruses, malware, and other malicious programs from computers. It provides real-time protection, scanning files and applications to identify any potential threats.

In addition to antivirus software, McAfee also provides a range of other security products and services. These include firewall protection, web security, email security, and data encryption. By offering comprehensive solutions, McAfee helps organizations and individuals safeguard their sensitive information and maintain their privacy.

The Importance of McAfee’s Software

McAfee’s software is crucial in today’s digital landscape, where cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and prevalent. Without proper protection, individuals and businesses are at risk of data breaches, identity theft, financial fraud, and other cybercrimes.

By utilizing McAfee’s software, users can reduce their risk of falling victim to cyber threats. The software not only detects and removes known threats but also employs advanced techniques to identify and block new and emerging threats. This proactive approach ensures that users are constantly protected against the latest security threats.

McAfee’s Impact on the Industry

As a pioneer in the field of computer security, McAfee has had a significant impact on the cybersecurity industry. The company’s innovations and expertise have helped shape the way organizations and individuals approach digital security.

McAfee’s research and development efforts have resulted in numerous breakthroughs in cybersecurity technology. Their continuous efforts to stay at the forefront of the industry have made them a trusted name in the field.

Furthermore, McAfee’s advocacy for cybersecurity awareness and education has helped raise awareness about the importance of digital security. They actively collaborate with government agencies, academic institutions, and other industry leaders to promote best practices and combat cybercrime.

In conclusion, McAfee, owned by John McAfee, has a significant role in the cybersecurity industry. Through their software and services, they help protect computers and networks from cyber threats and play a crucial part in ensuring the safety and security of digital systems.

Impact of ownership changes on McAfee’s products

McAfee, a renowned computer security company known for its antivirus software, has seen changes in ownership over the years. Originally founded by John McAfee, the company has since been under different ownership.

These ownership changes have had a significant impact on McAfee’s products. With each new owner, there have been shifts in the company’s focus, strategies, and priorities. This has influenced the direction of their antivirus software and other security solutions.

Under the ownership of Intel Corporation, McAfee underwent a transformation, exploring integration with hardware and offering more comprehensive security solutions. However, in 2016, Intel announced the spin-off of McAfee, leading to a change in ownership once again.

The subsequent owner, TPG Capital, brought a new perspective to the table and focused on rebranding the company as simply “McAfee” instead of “Intel Security.” This change aimed to restore the reputation of the McAfee brand and emphasize its dedication to protecting individuals and businesses against cyber threats.

Today, McAfee is majority-owned by Insight Partners, a private equity firm. Insight Partners has brought additional resources and expertise to the table, enabling McAfee to further enhance its products and services.

Despite the changes in ownership, McAfee has remained committed to providing quality antivirus and security software. The company has continued to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of computer users, ensuring that their products offer robust protection against the latest threats.

In conclusion, the ownership changes McAfee has experienced have had an impact on the company’s products. However, McAfee continues to prioritize security and protection, delivering reliable antivirus software to millions of users worldwide.

McAfee’s acquisitions and mergers

McAfee, a well-known software company specializing in computer security, has had several acquisitions and mergers throughout its history.

John McAfee’s founding of the company

The company was founded by John McAfee in 1987 as McAfee Associates. Initially, it focused on developing antivirus software to protect computers from malicious threats.

Under John McAfee’s leadership, the company quickly grew and established itself as a leading player in the computer security industry. Its antivirus software became widely recognized and trusted by individuals and businesses alike.

Acquisition by Intel

In 2010, Intel Corporation announced its acquisition of McAfee for approximately $7.7 billion. This acquisition marked a significant move by Intel to expand its presence in the security software market.

With Intel’s financial backing and resources, McAfee continued to innovate and improve its antivirus software, incorporating advanced technologies to combat emerging threats.

The acquisition by Intel also allowed McAfee to leverage Intel’s global reach and distribution channels, enabling the company to expand its customer base and penetrate new markets.

Creation of McAfee, LLC

In 2016, Intel announced that it was spinning off its security division and renaming it McAfee, LLC. The decision was made to sharpen the focus on security and provide McAfee with more independence and agility as a separate entity.

McAfee, LLC continued to develop and offer a wide range of security solutions, including antivirus software, endpoint protection, data protection, and cloud security, to name a few.

Since then, McAfee, LLC has further strengthened its position in the computer security industry through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

Today, McAfee remains a prominent player in the antivirus software market, delivering reliable and effective security solutions to millions of individuals and businesses worldwide.

McAfee antivirus software and its features

McAfee antivirus software is a computer security program developed by the McAfee company. It was founded by John McAfee, who is also the founder of the company.

McAfee antivirus software is designed to protect computers from various threats, such as viruses, malware, and spyware. It provides real-time protection and regular updates to ensure the highest level of security for users.

Features of McAfee antivirus software:

  • Scanning and detection: McAfee antivirus scans files and programs on a computer to detect any malicious software that may be present. It can identify and remove viruses, trojans, and other cyber threats.
  • Firewall protection: The software includes a built-in firewall that helps block unauthorized access to a computer or network. It monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic to prevent potential attacks.
  • Web browsing protection: McAfee antivirus software protects users while they browse the internet by warning them of potentially malicious websites and blocking harmful downloads.
  • Email and spam protection: The software scans email attachments for viruses and blocks spam emails that may contain phishing attempts or other forms of malicious content.
  • Identity theft protection: McAfee antivirus software includes features to prevent identity theft, such as secure web browsing, password management, and encrypted storage for sensitive data.

Overall, McAfee antivirus software provides comprehensive security measures to protect computers and users’ personal information from various cyber threats.

McAfee’s competitors in the antivirus market

McAfee, owned by the computer security company Intel Security, is one of the leading providers of antivirus software. However, it faces tough competition in the antivirus market from various companies.

1. Norton

Norton, owned by Symantec Corporation, is one of the major competitors of McAfee in the antivirus market. Norton offers a wide range of antivirus and internet security products for both individuals and businesses.

2. Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab is another prominent competitor in the antivirus market. Known for its advanced threat detection and protection capabilities, Kaspersky offers antivirus software for both home and business users.

3. Avast

Avast is a leading antivirus software provider with a strong presence in the consumer market. The company offers a free antivirus solution along with premium security products for individuals and businesses.

4. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a well-known antivirus software company that offers a range of security solutions for individuals and businesses. With advanced features like real-time threat detection and multi-layered ransomware protection, Bitdefender competes head-to-head with McAfee.

5. Trend Micro

Trend Micro is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, including antivirus software. The company offers a comprehensive suite of security products for individuals, businesses, and government organizations.

These are just a few of the competitors in the antivirus market that McAfee faces. The competition is fierce, as these companies constantly strive to stay ahead in providing the best protection against the ever-evolving computer security threats.

Competitor Owner
Norton Symantec Corporation
Kaspersky Kaspersky Lab
Avast Avast Software
Bitdefender Bitdefender
Trend Micro Trend Micro Incorporated

Success and controversies surrounding McAfee

McAfee, founded by John McAfee, is a leading computer security company that owns and develops antivirus software. The company has achieved great success in the field of cybersecurity, becoming one of the most recognized names in the industry.

McAfee antivirus software has been widely praised for its effectiveness in protecting computers from malware, viruses, and other online threats. The software is known for its comprehensive security features and regular updates, ensuring that users are constantly protected against emerging threats.

Despite its success, McAfee has also been involved in several controversies over the years. One of the most notable controversies surrounding the company’s founder, John McAfee, is his controversial lifestyle and legal issues. In 2012, he was named as a person of interest in connection with the murder of his neighbor in Belize, although he was never charged and denied any involvement.

In addition to personal controversies, McAfee has faced criticism for its business practices. The company has been accused of engaging in aggressive marketing tactics, including deceptive advertisements and scareware tactics, to sell its software. These practices have led to legal action against the company and damaged its reputation.

Despite the controversies, McAfee remains a prominent player in the antivirus software industry, with a large user base and a strong presence in both consumer and enterprise markets. The company continues to innovate and develop new products to address the evolving threats in the digital landscape.

Pros of McAfee Cons of McAfee
Effective antivirus protection Controversial founder
Regular software updates Aggressive marketing tactics
Comprehensive security features Legal controversies
Strong presence in the industry Reputation damage

McAfee’s presence in the business and enterprise sectors

As the founder of the McAfee antivirus software, John McAfee played a significant role in transforming the way businesses and enterprises approach computer security. Today, McAfee’s software is widely recognized as one of the leading solutions for protecting computers and networks from cyber threats.

With a strong focus on providing comprehensive security solutions, McAfee has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The company owns a wide range of security products and services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and enterprises.

McAfee’s presence in the business and enterprise sectors is evident through its partnerships with major organizations and its involvement in key industries. Many top companies and government agencies rely on McAfee’s software to safeguard their critical data and systems.

The company’s extensive range of security solutions includes antivirus software, encryption tools, network security solutions, and cloud-based services. This diverse portfolio allows businesses and enterprises to choose the most suitable security options based on their specific requirements.

Moreover, McAfee’s commitment to continuous innovation ensures that its products and services stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. The company constantly updates its software to provide the best possible protection against viruses, malware, and other security risks.

In summary, McAfee’s presence in the business and enterprise sectors is a testament to its expertise in the field of computer security. With its founder’s vision and the company’s dedication to providing top-notch security software, McAfee continues to be a leading force in the industry.

McAfee’s role in protecting against cyber threats

McAfee, a renowned company in the field of computer security, owns the McAfee antivirus software that is trusted by millions of users worldwide.

When it comes to protecting against cyber threats, McAfee plays a crucial role. With the increasing number of online vulnerabilities and sophisticated hacking techniques, it has become essential to have reliable security measures in place.

McAfee’s antivirus software offers comprehensive protection against malware, viruses, ransomware, and other cyber threats. The software constantly monitors the computer for any suspicious activities and promptly alerts the user if any threats are detected.

John McAfee, the founder of the company, initially developed the antivirus software to address the growing concerns of computer security. Over the years, the software has evolved to adapt to the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

McAfee’s proprietary technology and real-time scanning capabilities contribute to its effectiveness in detecting and eliminating threats. It utilizes a combination of signature-based and behavior-based detection methods to provide a multi-layered defense against attacks.

Additionally, McAfee regularly updates its antivirus software to stay ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities. These updates ensure that users are protected against new types of malware and attack vectors.

The constant evolution and innovation of McAfee’s antivirus software make it a reliable choice for individuals and businesses to secure their digital lives. It not only protects against known threats but also proactively defends against emerging cyber threats.

In conclusion, McAfee’s role in protecting against cyber threats is significant. The company’s ownership of the McAfee antivirus software has resulted in a powerful tool that safeguards computer systems and data against malicious activities.

McAfee’s contribution to the fight against malware

McAfee, a company founded by John McAfee, has been at the forefront of the computer security industry for years. With their powerful antivirus software, McAfee has played a significant role in protecting users from the ever-evolving threats posed by malware.

One of the key strengths of McAfee’s antivirus is its ability to detect and remove a wide range of malicious software. From viruses and worms to spyware and ransomware, McAfee’s security solutions have proven effective in safeguarding computer systems and personal data.

McAfee’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the fight against malware is evident in their continuous research and development efforts. Through regular updates and improvements to their antivirus software, McAfee ensures that their users are armed with the latest tools and technologies to combat emerging threats.

As a leader in the industry, McAfee has also been instrumental in raising awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. They have been actively involved in educating individuals and businesses about the risks associated with malware and providing tips on how to stay safe online.

In conclusion, McAfee, the company founded by John McAfee, has made significant contributions to the fight against malware. Their powerful antivirus software and commitment to research and development have helped protect countless computer systems from the ever-present threat of malicious software. McAfee’s dedication to cybersecurity awareness has also played a crucial role in ensuring safer online experiences for users worldwide.

Customer reviews and satisfaction with McAfee antivirus

Many customers have praised McAfee antivirus for its comprehensive security features and reliable protection against various cyber threats. The company, founded by John McAfee, has established itself as a leading provider of antivirus software in the industry.

Customers appreciate the ease of use and user-friendly interface of McAfee antivirus. The software allows users to navigate and customize their security settings easily, ensuring that their devices are protected without causing any inconvenience.

McAfee’s antivirus software offers a wide range of features, including real-time scanning, firewall protection, and email and web protection. These features work together to safeguard users’ devices from malware, viruses, and other potential security risks. McAfee’s continuous software updates also ensure that users stay protected against the latest threats.

Reviews often highlight McAfee’s excellent customer support, which is available 24/7. Customers have reported positive experiences with the company’s support team, who are knowledgeable and responsive in addressing their concerns or issues with the antivirus software.

In terms of customer satisfaction, McAfee antivirus has garnered positive feedback for its performance and reliability in detecting and removing threats. Users have experienced a sense of security knowing that McAfee is consistently working to protect their devices and personal information from cybercriminals.

Overall, McAfee antivirus has a strong reputation for its comprehensive security features, user-friendly interface, and reliable performance. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with its industry-leading software, has made it a trusted choice for users seeking robust antivirus protection.

Future of McAfee under current ownership

McAfee is a well-known software company that specializes in computer security, particularly antivirus software. It was founded by John McAfee in 1987 and has since grown into one of the leading providers of antivirus solutions in the world.

The question of who currently owns McAfee is of great importance when discussing the future of the company. As of now, McAfee is owned by a consortium led by TPG Capital and Intel Corporation. This ownership structure has been in place since the acquisition of McAfee by Intel in 2011.

Under the current ownership, McAfee has seen significant developments and improvements in its products and services. The company has invested heavily in research and development to stay ahead of emerging threats in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. McAfee has also expanded its portfolio beyond traditional antivirus software to offer comprehensive security solutions for individuals, businesses, and governments.

With the continued support and resources provided by TPG Capital and Intel, McAfee is well-positioned to thrive in the future. The company’s strong brand recognition and commitment to innovation will likely drive its success in an increasingly competitive market.

Partnerships and collaborations

In addition to its internal advancements, McAfee has also formed strategic partnerships and collaborations to further enhance its capabilities. The company has partnered with leading technology companies, government organizations, and academic institutions to foster collaboration and information sharing in the fight against cyber threats.

Through these partnerships, McAfee is able to leverage the expertise and resources of its partners to develop cutting-edge solutions and provide better protection for its customers. This collaborative approach ensures that McAfee remains at the forefront of cybersecurity and is able to adapt to evolving threats effectively.


Under the current ownership, McAfee has thrived as a leading provider of antivirus software and computer security solutions. The company’s commitment to innovation, strong brand recognition, and strategic partnerships have positioned it well for future success. As technology continues to advance and cyber threats become more sophisticated, McAfee’s continued growth and development will be crucial in ensuring the security of individuals and organizations around the world.


Who founded McAfee antivirus?

McAfee antivirus was founded by John McAfee in 1987.

Is McAfee antivirus owned by Intel?

Yes, Intel Corporation acquired McAfee antivirus in 2011.

Does John McAfee still own McAfee antivirus?

No, John McAfee no longer owns McAfee antivirus. He sold his stake in the company in the early 1990s.

Who currently owns McAfee antivirus?

As of 2021, McAfee antivirus is owned by a consortium led by Symphony Technology Group.

What happened to McAfee antivirus after Intel sold it?

After Intel sold McAfee antivirus in 2016, it became a standalone cybersecurity company. It went public in 2020 before being acquired by Symphony Technology Group.

Who is the owner of McAfee antivirus?

McAfee antivirus is currently owned by a company called Intel.

Was McAfee antivirus ever owned by someone else?

Yes, McAfee antivirus was originally founded by John McAfee in 1987, but it was later acquired by Intel in 2010.

Is McAfee antivirus still a separate company?

No, McAfee antivirus is no longer a separate company. It is now a part of Intel Security Group, which is a division of Intel.

Why did Intel acquire McAfee antivirus?

Intel acquired McAfee antivirus in order to enhance the security of its products and services. The acquisition allowed Intel to integrate security features directly into its hardware and software.

How much did Intel pay to acquire McAfee antivirus?

Intel paid approximately $7.7 billion to acquire McAfee antivirus.