Where is Pat McAfee on SmackDown – The Shadow Behind the Commentary Desk

SmackDown, one of WWE’s most popular weekly television shows, always promises excitement and surprises for its fans. From jaw-dropping matches to unexpected twists and turns, SmackDown never fails to entertain. And one of the biggest reasons for its success is the presence of the charismatic and energetic Pat McAfee.

So, where can you find Pat McAfee on SmackDown? Well, if you’re looking for someone who brings a whole new level of enthusiasm and passion to the commentary table, then McAfee is your guy. With his quick wit, infectious personality, and in-depth knowledge of the wrestling industry, he has quickly become a fan favorite among the WWE Universe.

But McAfee’s impact on SmackDown doesn’t stop at the commentary table. He is often seen interacting with the superstars backstage, offering his unique insights and opinions. Whether it’s interviewing the winners after their matches or providing pre-match predictions, McAfee’s presence adds an extra layer of excitement to the show.

Additionally, Pat McAfee has proven to be a true showman in the ring as well. Since his debut in WWE, he has showcased his athleticism and natural talent as a wrestler. Whether he’s taking on opponents or playing a supporting role in a tag team match, McAfee always leaves the audience wanting more.

In conclusion, Pat McAfee is an integral part of SmackDown, bringing his unique personality and expertise to every episode. Whether he’s on the commentary table, in the backstage segments, or in the ring, McAfee never fails to leave a lasting impression on the fans. So, if you’re a fan of SmackDown, be sure to keep an eye out for Pat McAfee and his exciting contributions to the show.

Pat McAfee: A Rising Star in the World of Wrestling

Pat McAfee is a former professional American football punter turned wrestler. Known for his charismatic personality and athletic ability, McAfee has quickly risen to stardom in the world of wrestling. With his natural talent and passion for the sport, he has captured the attention of fans and critics alike.

A former NFL player, McAfee made his transition to wrestling in 2020 when he signed with WWE. Since then, he has been making waves on the SmackDown brand, captivating audiences with his high-energy performances and unique style. McAfee’s incredible athleticism and agility are showcased in his high-flying moves and acrobatic stunts that leave fans in awe.

McAfee’s Impact on SmackDown

Since joining the SmackDown roster, McAfee has been making a significant impact on the show. His magnetic personality and quick wit have made him a fan favorite, and his matches are always highly anticipated. McAfee brings a breath of fresh air to the wrestling world with his innovative moves and entertaining promos.

In addition to his in-ring talents, McAfee is also an exceptional commentator. His knowledge of the sport and ability to engage with the audience make his commentary segments a highlight of SmackDown. McAfee’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for wrestling shine through in every match and comment he is a part of.

Where is McAfee on SmackDown?

Currently, Pat McAfee is an active member of the SmackDown roster. Fans can catch him on the show regularly, whether it’s in a thrilling match or providing expert commentary. McAfee’s presence on SmackDown has brought a new level of excitement to the brand, and his future in the wrestling industry looks incredibly promising.

In conclusion, Pat McAfee is a rising star in the world of wrestling. His athletic ability, charisma, and passion for the sport have quickly made him a fan favorite on the SmackDown roster. Whether he’s captivating audiences with his high-flying moves or providing expert commentary, McAfee continues to leave a lasting impression and solidify his place in the wrestling world.

Pat McAfee’s Journey to SmackDown

Known for his charismatic personality and undeniable talent, McAfee is set to bring a fresh perspective to the WWE universe.

This isn’t the first time McAfee has made a splash in the world of sports entertainment. Previously, he gained recognition for his impressive career as a professional American football punter in the NFL. His athletic abilities, combined with his natural showmanship, made him a fan favorite.

However, McAfee’s journey to SmackDown wasn’t a straightforward one. In fact, he first caught the attention of the WWE universe during his guest appearances on Thursday Night SmackDown. His quick wit and natural ability to engage with the audience made him an instant hit.

Wrestling fans soon began to wonder if McAfee would make a more permanent presence on SmackDown. And their wishes were soon granted when it was officially announced that McAfee had signed a contract with the WWE.

Since joining SmackDown, McAfee has wasted no time in making an impact. From his energetic entrances to his memorable promos, he has quickly become a must-see superstar. His unique blend of athleticism and entertainment is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

But McAfee’s journey is far from over. As he continues to navigate the world of professional wrestling, fans can expect to see even more from this rising star. With his determination and natural talent, there’s no doubt that Pat McAfee’s presence on SmackDown will continue to be a highlight of the show.

The Excitement Surrounding Pat McAfee’s Debut

SmackDown fans have been eagerly anticipating the debut of Pat McAfee on Friday nights. McAfee, a former NFL punter turned wrestling commentator, has been making waves in the wrestling world with his charismatic personality and unique insights.

With McAfee’s background in professional sports, fans are excited to see what he brings to the SmackDown commentary team. His ability to analyze the action in the ring and provide expert commentary has already been praised by the wrestling community.

Many fans have been wondering where McAfee has been since his last appearance on SmackDown. Rumors have been circulating about possible injuries or other commitments keeping him away from the ring. However, McAfee took to social media to assure fans that he is doing well and will be returning soon to continue his commentary duties.

The anticipation for McAfee’s return is palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting his quick wit and undeniable passion for the sport. His chemistry with the other members of the commentary team has been undeniable, and fans are excited to see how he continues to develop his character and persona on SmackDown.

While the exact date of McAfee’s return is still unknown, fans can rest assured that he is working hard behind the scenes to make his comeback one to remember. Whether it’s delivering a memorable one-liner or providing insightful analysis, McAfee’s presence on SmackDown is sure to bring excitement and energy to the show.

So, where is Pat McAfee? That’s the question on every SmackDown fan’s mind. But rest assured, he will be back soon, and when he does, it’s bound to be an unforgettable moment. The anticipation is building, and fans can’t wait to see what McAfee has in store for them on his return to SmackDown.

Pat McAfee’s Impact on SmackDown Ratings

SmackDown, one of the most popular wrestling shows, has seen a significant increase in ratings since Pat McAfee joined the show. Fans have been eagerly anticipating McAfee’s appearances and his unique brand of commentary. With his charismatic personality and extensive knowledge of the sport, McAfee has brought a fresh perspective to SmackDown.

McAfee’s impact on the ratings can be seen in the increased viewership and buzz surrounding the show. Wrestling fans have been tuning in to see where McAfee is and what he will do next. His dynamic energy and quick-witted banter with fellow commentators have made every episode of SmackDown even more entertaining.

Not only has McAfee’s presence attracted more viewers to SmackDown, but it has also brought in a new audience. His popularity as a former professional football player and sports media personality has garnered the attention of those who may not have been wrestling fans before. The crossover appeal that McAfee brings to the table has expanded SmackDown’s reach and introduced the world of wrestling to a wider audience.

Furthermore, McAfee’s involvement in storylines and interactions with wrestlers has added an unexpected element to SmackDown. Fans are intrigued to see his reactions and how he interacts with their favorite wrestlers. It has created a sense of unpredictability and excitement that keeps viewers hooked and coming back for more.

In conclusion, Pat McAfee’s presence on SmackDown has had a significant impact on the show’s ratings. His charisma, knowledge, and unique perspective have attracted more viewers and expanded the show’s audience. The excitement surrounding McAfee’s involvement in storylines and interactions with wrestlers has added an extra layer of entertainment to SmackDown. As long as Pat McAfee is a part of the show, fans will continue to be eagerly anticipating his whereabouts on SmackDown.

Exclusive Interview: Pat McAfee on His SmackDown Experience

Pat McAfee, the former NFL player turned professional wrestler, has been making waves since his debut on SmackDown. McAfee’s high energy and impressive athleticism have quickly made him a fan favorite in the wrestling world. We had the opportunity to sit down with McAfee and discuss his experience on SmackDown.

When asked about his transition from football to wrestling, McAfee expressed his excitement for this new chapter in his career. He explained that while he loved playing football, he always had a passion for wrestling. “I grew up watching WWE, and it has always been a dream of mine to step into the ring,” McAfee shared.

McAfee also discussed the challenges he has faced in the wrestling industry. “Wrestling is a whole different beast,” he said. “The physicality and the constant training required are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.” McAfee went on to talk about the support he has received from his fellow wrestlers and the WWE Universe, which has helped him overcome these challenges.

“Being on SmackDown has been an incredible experience,” McAfee said. “The fans have been so welcoming, and the energy in the arena is electrifying. It’s truly a dream come true.” McAfee also mentioned the camaraderie among the wrestlers backstage, describing it as a “family-like atmosphere.”

When asked about his goals for the future, McAfee expressed his desire to continue improving as a wrestler and make a lasting impact in the industry. “I want to give the fans memorable moments and be a positive influence in their lives,” he said. “I also hope to inspire others to chase their dreams, no matter how unconventional they may seem.”

In conclusion, Pat McAfee’s experience on SmackDown has been nothing short of extraordinary. From his passion for wrestling to his dedication to his craft, McAfee is quickly making a name for himself in the industry. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented athlete.

Pat McAfee’s Memorable Matches on SmackDown

Pat McAfee, a former professional football player turned color commentator, is on a journey to establish himself as a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. While McAfee may be new to the wrestling scene, he has already made a name for himself through his memorable matches on SmackDown.

One of McAfee’s most notable matches on SmackDown was against former WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan. The match showcased McAfee’s athleticism and determination as he went toe-to-toe with one of the industry’s top talents. McAfee’s ability to adapt and showcase his skills in the wrestling ring left a lasting impression on the fans.

Another memorable match for McAfee on SmackDown was against former Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. The match was a high-intensity affair, with both men putting on a display of their unique styles and abilities. McAfee’s quick thinking and agility allowed him to counter many of Nakamura’s signature moves, resulting in an electrifying match that had the crowd on their feet.

McAfee’s match against Cesaro on SmackDown was another standout moment in his wrestling career. The match showcased McAfee’s resilience and determination as he took on one of the most intense and technical wrestlers in the industry. Despite facing several close calls, McAfee was able to showcase his resilience and determination, leaving fans in awe of his skills.

While Pat McAfee may be relatively new to the wrestling world, his matches on SmackDown have proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. With each match, McAfee continues to showcase his passion, athleticism, and unique style, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next appearance on SmackDown.

Pat McAfee’s Signature Moves and Finishing Moves

Pat McAfee, the former NFL punter turned professional wrestler, is known for his impressive repertoire of signature moves and finishing moves. Whether he is focusing on his opponents in the ring or delivering a powerful move, McAfee always leaves a lasting impression on the crowd.

Signature Moves

McAfee’s signature moves showcase his athleticism and agility. Here are a few of his notable moves:

Move Description
Punt Kick McAfee delivers a devastating kick to his opponent’s head, mirroring his football background.
Dropkick McAfee leaps into the air and extends his legs to connect with a powerful dropkick.
Moonsault McAfee climbs the turnbuckle and leaps backward, twisting in mid-air to land on his opponent.

Finishing Moves

When it comes to finishing moves, McAfee knows how to end a match in style. Here are a couple of his most devastating finishing moves:

Move Description
Blackout McAfee lifts his opponent onto his shoulders and slams them down with maximum force, stunning the crowd.
Punt Kick 2.0 Building on his signature punt kick, McAfee adds an extra level of impact and precision to take his opponent down for the count.

No matter where McAfee is, whether on SmackDown or any other wrestling event, his signature moves and finishing moves are always a highlight of the show. Fans eagerly anticipate what he will bring to the ring next, as his creativity and athleticism never fail to impress.

Pat McAfee: A Fan Favorite on SmackDown

Pat McAfee, former NFL punter turned entertainer and sports commentator, has quickly become a fan favorite on SmackDown. McAfee’s presence on the show brings a unique energy and charisma that the WWE Universe can’t get enough of.

Known for his love of wrestling and his larger-than-life personality, McAfee made his debut on SmackDown in 2020 as a commentator. His knowledge of the sport combined with his infectious enthusiasm has made him a standout among the announcers.

But McAfee’s involvement on SmackDown goes beyond just commentary. He is also an occasional in-ring competitor and has had some memorable matches against top WWE Superstars. His athleticism and fearlessness make him a force to be reckoned with inside the squared circle.

The Pat McAfee Show:

Off-camera, McAfee hosts his own podcast and talk show, appropriately named “The Pat McAfee Show.” Through this platform, he has been able to showcase his passion for sports and entertainment, including his love for wrestling.

McAfee’s guests on the show have included some of the biggest names in wrestling, providing fans with behind-the-scenes insights and entertaining interviews. His engaging and humorous style of interviewing has made “The Pat McAfee Show” a must-watch for wrestling enthusiasts.

Ripple Effects on SmackDown:

McAfee’s presence on SmackDown has had ripple effects throughout the show. His infectious energy has brought a fresh and exciting vibe to the commentary table, elevating the overall viewing experience for fans.

In addition, McAfee’s interactions with WWE Superstars have created new and intriguing storylines. His natural charisma and ability to connect with the audience have made him a valuable asset in shaping the narratives on SmackDown.

Whether he is on the mic or in the ring, Pat McAfee continues to leave a lasting impression on SmackDown. His passion for wrestling and ability to entertain have made him a fan favorite and a key player in the success of the show.

Behind the Scenes: Pat McAfee’s Training for SmackDown

Ever since his surprising appearance on SmackDown, fans have been wondering where Pat McAfee came from and how he was able to seamlessly transition into the world of professional wrestling. McAfee’s journey to SmackDown was no easy feat. With his background in NFL and as a sports commentator, he had to undergo intense training to prepare for his debut in the ring.

McAfee’s training for SmackDown involved a rigorous schedule of workouts and practice sessions. He worked with experienced wrestlers and trainers who taught him the essential skills and techniques needed to perform in the ring. From mastering the art of grappling to executing high-flying maneuvers, McAfee dedicated himself to learning every aspect of professional wrestling.

One of the key elements of McAfee’s training was his commitment to physical fitness. He underwent intense strength and conditioning sessions to build up his stamina and agility, ensuring that he could keep up with the fast-paced nature of SmackDown. He also focused on improving his flexibility and honing his reflexes, allowing him to react quickly to his opponents’ moves.

Another crucial aspect of McAfee’s training was his ability to tell a story in the ring. Professional wrestling is not just about the physicality; it also involves storytelling and creating an emotional connection with the audience. McAfee worked on developing his character and understanding the psychology behind wrestling matches. He learned how to use his body language and facial expressions to convey his character’s emotions and intentions.

McAfee’s training also included learning various fighting styles and techniques. He studied different wrestling styles, such as technical wrestling and high-flying acrobatics, and incorporated them into his own moveset. He practiced countless hours to perfect his signature moves, ensuring that he could deliver an exciting and entertaining performance for the SmackDown audience.

Overall, McAfee’s training for SmackDown was a grueling yet rewarding experience. His dedication to learning the craft of professional wrestling is evident in his performances, where he seamlessly blends his natural athleticism with his newfound skills. McAfee’s journey from the NFL to the wrestling ring is a testament to his passion and determination, and it’s exciting to see where his career in SmackDown will take him.

Pat McAfee’s Whereabouts During the SmackDown Off-Season

Many fans of SmackDown have been wondering where Pat McAfee has been during the off-season. Despite his absence from the show, McAfee has been keeping busy with various endeavors.

One of McAfee’s main projects during the off-season has been his podcast, where he frequently discusses topics related to wrestling and sports. He has also been taking part in charity events, using his platform to give back to the community.

In addition to his podcast and charity work, McAfee has been training and keeping himself in peak physical condition. He has been working out regularly and honing his skills in preparation for his return to SmackDown.

Despite not being physically present on SmackDown, McAfee has been keeping a close eye on the show and staying up to date with the latest developments. He has been studying the matches, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, and strategizing for his eventual return.

Overall, Pat McAfee’s focus during the SmackDown off-season has been on his podcast, charity work, training, and staying connected to the world of wrestling. Fans can look forward to his return to SmackDown, where he will no doubt bring his signature energy and enthusiasm to the show.

Exclusive: Pat McAfee’s Future Plans on SmackDown

Pat McAfee, the former NFL player turned professional wrestler, is continuing to make waves on SmackDown with his outspoken personality and impressive in-ring skills. The charismatic McAfee has quickly become a fan favorite, and fans are eagerly awaiting what his future plans on SmackDown will be.

Setting the SmackDown Stage on Fire

Since joining SmackDown, McAfee has wasted no time in making his presence known. His intense rivalries with some of the biggest names in the WWE have quickly catapulted him to the top of the card. McAfee’s matches are always must-see events, filled with high-flying moves and incredible athleticism. With each performance, McAfee proves that he is here to stay on SmackDown.

A Potential Championship Run

While it’s still early in his SmackDown career, many fans and experts believe that McAfee has the potential to become a future champion. His natural charisma, unmatched athleticism, and microphone skills make him a formidable competitor in the ring. McAfee has already made it clear that he is willing to take on anyone in order to reach the top, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him gunning for championship gold sooner rather than later.

Whether it’s in singles competition or as part of a tag team, McAfee’s future plans on SmackDown are sure to be thrilling for fans. With his larger-than-life personality and unmatched talent, McAfee is set to become one of SmackDown’s biggest superstars. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to make his mark in the WWE!

Pat McAfee’s Rumored Feuds on SmackDown

Since joining SmackDown, Pat McAfee has become an integral part of the brand’s storytelling. The charismatic former NFL punter has quickly made a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling, captivating fans with his dynamic personality and impressive in-ring skills. As McAfee continues to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with, rumors have begun to swirl about potential feuds he may find himself involved in on SmackDown.

The Undertaker

One of the most intriguing rumored feuds for McAfee on SmackDown is with the legendary Undertaker. The Deadman’s retirement at Survivor Series 2020 left a void that many believe McAfee could fill. McAfee’s brash and confident personality could clash with the stoic and mysterious nature of The Undertaker, creating an epic battle of egos that fans would undoubtedly love to see.

Roman Reigns

Another rumored feud for McAfee on SmackDown is with the dominant Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. McAfee’s natural athletic ability and knack for trash talk could make him a formidable challenger for Reigns’ title. With McAfee’s brash personality constantly pushing the boundaries, a clash with Reigns’ no-nonsense, “Tribal Chief” character would provide a captivating story and intense battles in the ring.

While these feuds are currently just rumors, they showcase the potential for exciting storylines and matches involving Pat McAfee on SmackDown. As the charismatic superstar continues to make his mark on the blue brand, fans eagerly await the announcement of his next feud, eager to see who he will take on next and how he will continue to captivate audiences on SmackDown.

The Rising Popularity of Pat McAfee on SmackDown

Pat McAfee is becoming a fan favorite on SmackDown, and it’s no surprise why. McAfee brings a unique energy and charisma to the show that is hard to ignore.

After retiring from the NFL, McAfee transitioned into a career as a sports commentator and analyst. His witty commentary and vibrant personality quickly caught the attention of WWE, and they wasted no time in bringing him on board.

Since joining SmackDown, McAfee has been involved in several high-profile storylines and matches. His natural athleticism and willingness to take risks have won over both fans and critics alike.

One of the reasons why McAfee is so popular is his genuine love for the sport. He is known to be a lifelong wrestling fan, and his passion shines through in every performance. Whether he is on commentary or in the ring, McAfee’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Another factor contributing to McAfee’s popularity is his ability to connect with the audience. He has a charismatic and relatable personality that resonates with fans of all ages. Whether you are a longtime wrestling fan or a newcomer, McAfee is someone you can root for.

Furthermore, McAfee’s quick wit and comedic timing add an extra layer of entertainment to any segment he is a part of. His banter with other wrestlers and commentators is always entertaining, and he knows how to make the audience laugh.

Overall, Pat McAfee has quickly become one of the most beloved figures on SmackDown. His energy, passion, and talent make him a standout performer every time he is on screen. The rising popularity of McAfee shows no signs of slowing down, and fans can’t wait to see where he goes next.

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Pat McAfee’s Social Media Presence on SmackDown

If you’re wondering where Pat McAfee is on SmackDown, look no further than his social media accounts. The former NFL punter turned WWE commentator has a strong presence online, constantly updating his followers on his whereabouts and latest adventures.

Whether he’s providing live updates from ringside or giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at backstage interviews, Pat McAfee keeps his supporters informed and engaged. His Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts are all must-follows for any fan of the charismatic commentator.

On Twitter, Pat frequently tweets about his experiences on SmackDown, sharing his excitement about the matches and moments that unfold each week. He interacts with fans, answering questions and sharing his thoughts on the ongoing storylines. If you want the inside scoop on what’s happening with Pat McAfee on SmackDown, his Twitter feed is the place to be.

Instagram is where Pat shares stunning photos and videos from his time on SmackDown. He posts snapshots of the electrifying atmosphere inside the arenas and gives fans a glimpse of his interactions with WWE Superstars. Whether he’s posing with the championship belts or capturing the energy of the crowd, Pat’s Instagram feed is always buzzing with excitement.

For longer-form content, Pat McAfee’s YouTube channel is a goldmine. He uploads vlogs and behind-the-scenes videos that offer an in-depth look at his life on the road with SmackDown. From hilarious backstage antics to heartfelt reflections, Pat’s YouTube videos provide a unique perspective on his time in the WWE.

So, if you’re wondering where Pat McAfee is on SmackDown, just follow him on social media. His is always on top of the latest happenings and keeps his fans in the loop with his engaging and entertaining posts. Don’t miss out on a moment of Pat’s journey on SmackDown by staying connected with him online.

Pat McAfee: A Role Model for Aspiring Wrestlers on SmackDown

Pat McAfee, the former NFL player turned professional wrestler, is making waves on SmackDown with his impressive skills and charismatic personality. As a newcomer to the world of wrestling, McAfee has quickly become a role model for aspiring wrestlers looking to make a name for themselves on the SmackDown roster.

McAfee’s journey to SmackDown is an inspiring one. After retiring from the NFL, he set his sights on a new challenge and found himself drawn to the world of professional wrestling. Despite his lack of experience in the ring, McAfee’s determination and natural athleticism quickly caught the attention of WWE scouts, and he was signed to a contract with SmackDown.

Since his debut on SmackDown, McAfee has been a standout performer. His high-energy style and fearless approach to the ring have endeared him to fans and fellow wrestlers alike. McAfee’s matches are filled with high-flying maneuvers, jaw-dropping acrobatics, and a level of showmanship that is unparalleled.

But it’s not just McAfee’s in-ring skills that make him a role model for aspiring wrestlers. Off-camera, McAfee is known for his dedication to his craft and his positive attitude. He is constantly looking for ways to improve and push himself to new limits, both physically and mentally. McAfee’s work ethic and commitment to excellence are traits that aspiring wrestlers can emulate as they strive to make their own mark in the world of professional wrestling.

Furthermore, McAfee’s success shows that it is never too late to pursue a dream. Despite starting his wrestling career later in life, McAfee has quickly risen through the ranks and proven that age is no barrier to success. His story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work.

So where is McAfee now on SmackDown? He continues to compete in thrilling matches, captivating audiences with his unique blend of athleticism and charisma. Whether it’s in singles competition or as part of a tag team, McAfee always brings his A-game to the ring. He has quickly become a fan-favorite and a valuable asset to SmackDown.

In conclusion, Pat McAfee is a role model for aspiring wrestlers on SmackDown. His journey from the NFL to professional wrestling is inspiring, and his success is a testament to the power of determination and hard work. McAfee’s in-ring skills, dedication, and positive attitude make him a standout performer and a role model for wrestlers looking to make their mark in the industry.


Where was Pat McAfee during SmackDown?

Pat McAfee was not present during the recent SmackDown episode.

Is Pat McAfee taking a break from SmackDown?

It seems that Pat McAfee is currently taking some time off from his role on SmackDown.

Why was Pat McAfee absent from SmackDown?

The reason for Pat McAfee’s absence from SmackDown is unknown at this time. There has been no official statement regarding his whereabouts.

Will Pat McAfee return to SmackDown soon?

There is no information available about when Pat McAfee will return to SmackDown. It is unclear if his absence is temporary or if there are any plans for his return.

Who is replacing Pat McAfee on SmackDown?

There has been no official announcement about a replacement for Pat McAfee on SmackDown. It is possible that another commentator or analyst will fill in for him during his absence.

Where was Pat McAfee during SmackDown?

During SmackDown, Pat McAfee was not present in the commentary booth. He was not seen on camera or mentioned during the broadcast. It is unclear where he was during the show.